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Why Realtor Smile?

We present you the solution:

Realtor Smile: "Something that turns real estate services from ordinary to extraordinary"
Realtor Smile has been specially designed to help you take your business to its full potential of success and accomplishment. Being truly able to advance your business, you need time. We provide you with this time through finding simplified solution to the entire property management and administrative process. Realtor Smile is web-based real estate business management service-cum-advertising solution for your real estate business. Our Extensive feature list helps you in cost-cutting & streamlining the business processes.

Advantages of Realtor Smile Account

Value for Money at just an affordable fee that includes:
  • Software usage
  • Automated Installation
  • Server space
  • Server maintenance
  • Unlimited ongoing support
  • Software maintenance
  • Features upgrades
  • Data backup
  • Online advertising
  • No Hidden Costs

Benefits of having Realtor Smile Account

Manage your business from anywhere: Realtor Smile is web based service thus help you to manage your business from anywhere on the globe.

Paperless & excel-less management: Realtor Smile manages all your business at one place thus you do not need to maintain it again on register or excel sheet.

Enhance your Sales & Relationship: Integrated advertising module will help you to get new potential customers & maintained customer relationship will help you to retain old customers that enable you to attain exponential growth in your business.

Reduce office admin issues: Realtor Smile takes care of all your administrative processes thus making property business management hassle free.

Monitor and increase staff performance: Realtor Smile's amazing follow up module helps you to track conversations of each executive with customers. Thus also helps during staff training sessions and confirming promises made to customers.

Hassles-free usage: Our service is web based so we never have to come to your location to fix anything, it can be done remotely. Thus fixing maintenance and bug fixing can be done quickly.

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