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Is my Data CONFIDENTIAL and SECURE with Realtor Smile?
  • SECURE data with Realtor Smile

Absolutely "YES" because "We understand, Your Data is an asset for You"

Realtor Smile provides a complete application-level security infrastructure, supporting role, data security, data encryption and auditing. These comprehensive security features enables the application architect to implement security policies that protect your valuable corporate data from inappropriate or unlawful access while enabling your trusted employees to effectively do their jobs. The information presented below outlines the various ways which we employ to protect your data:

Allowing user access
  • Allowing User Access

  • Each user's access rights to transactions and data within Realtor Smile account are defined by your Administrator. There are multiple levels of authorization to pages and data within Realtor Smile account.
  • A user sees links only to those pages that s/he has been authorized to by the Administrator. Users cannot get to other non-accessible pages even if they know the exact "address" of the page.
Access & Role Based Security
  • Role Based Security

  • Realtor Smile supports role based access - due to which only users with appropriate role will see the information on a need to know basis as per decided by the admin. Associated with each account are one or more roles that define what data and functions are available.
  • Every Realtor Smile user has a unique user id & password combination using which he/she can access data as permitted. Upon successful login, Realtor Smile uses the role information to populate the menu of application functions, windows and reports that are available to the user.
Login sessions
  • Login sessions

Users are assigned a unique session ID every time that they log in which is used to verify the user's authenticity and authority within the system. The user's session key is verified with each and every page request to ensure that the user can perform only authorized transactions and view allowed data.

When any user login into his account, Realtor Smile system collect and record the following data.

IP address

Date and time of access

Data identifying browser and operating system The above mentioned data is stored in various logs on our servers. We keep these logs for a specific period of time before they are deleted. The above mentioned data is used for administration of our network infrastructure and optimizing our services. We might also analyze the IP data in case of security breach or fraudulent activities on our servers.

  • Auditing

As an additional layer of security, Realtor Smile provides the ability to audit any transaction in the system, including changes to account data. For example, if an administrator changes a user's role, a security policy or a field on an order screen, those changes can be logged and audited. New transactions, changes to existing data and even queries of specific records and fields can be tracked in the audit log.

The choice of how restrictive or open your security policies are in your control. Importantly, role and data security are implemented without programming.

Data Security
  • Data Security

In addition to role based-security, Realtor Smile includes robust data-level security features. Data level security uses role-based information to restrict access to specific data records or fields.

Our database servers are protected by multi-level software firewalls. Access to data is restricted only to a special team for purpose of troubleshooting and maintenance, and is behind multi-level password protection. All employees at Realtor Smile abide by a strict non-disclosure agreement.

  • Realtor Smile uses 256-bit SSL encryption for every page. What this means is that the data that you send between your computer and the Realtor Smile server is encrypted. We do not encrypt just the login screen & password - but every piece of data is encrypted.
  • Database is backed up and stored in encrypted form to offsite location every 4 hours.
  • Realtor Smile NEVER sells/rents or otherwise makes available your email address, phone number, address, or any other personal information to any third-party for any reason whatsoever.
  • Hosting

  • Realtor Smile application is hosted in a Top Tier Data Center that provides secure server environment. Physical access to the locked cage is protected by 3 level biometric access (2 fingerprints + 1 retina) control activated doors under surveillance cameras.
  • Data center has multiple, redundant, high-bandwidth connections for 24x7 access to your data. They are equipped with the latest and best firewalls, secure servers, spam and virus filters to protect your data from hackers and vicious attacks. In addition to data center security, we have additional firewalls and port control to ensure that neither your database nor your app can be tampered with by unauthorized users.

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