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RealtorSmile is an innovative platform that blends the vast depth and breadth of the Indian real estate with the accessibility and configurability of the web into a comprehensive business experience. We are committed to bring you the most innovative experience that streamlines the process of real estate business management by combining premium services, discussion through an engaged community and the ability to navigate seamlessly between your off-the-road and on-the-road activities. A conceptual understanding is developed through an in-market research conducted with real estate consultants & builders across different metropolitan centers of India. We have put those findings to develop a simple & smooth architecture of RealtorSmile to ease out & simplify the life of real estate consultants & builders. This unique platform allow real estate consultants/builders to manage, advertise & market their inventory, communicate with their clients as well as community and do all their paperwork in one simple interface.
Most real estate portals today merely serve as glorified advertising billboards for attracting buyers & sellers but we have endeavored to go beyond, and create a platform where consultants and builders are seamlessly able to manage their property (as well as client) databases. All of this backed by strong backend security, so that your data stay safe, as it would be on your own hard-drive.

About Services

RealtorSmile provides Software as a Service (SaaS) model customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to real estate companies which makes leasing, management and marketing of real estate easy and fast that speaks of innovativeness, accessibility and worth.
RealtorSmile uses Import Wizard that makes it incredibly easy for you to import data about new properties, contacts, leads etc. These innovative and helpful features of RealtorSmile such as Managing Inventory, Real-Time Property Search, Email Marketing, Reports, Dashboards, Broker Portal, Commissions, Payment Schedules and PMX Plus makes it a hard-to-say-no product and also speaks of innovativeness, accessibility and worth .
Once you try it, you will feel the difference between generic CRM and RealtorSmile. It has all the features and facilities you would need to successfully look, buy/sell, manage and record real estate exchanges.
RealtorSmile quickly records reservations and print booking confirmations, and creates automatic payment plans according to the deal, and keeps track of down payments.
It also updates track payments and makes sure you remember every payment including sales and lease installments, fee and down payments. You can also create customized sales and lease contracts through built-in templates or you can install your existing templates to RealtorSmile. Printing agreements or emailing them in PDF was never easier.
With RealtorSmile, you can create web listings with content, photographs, floor plans etc. You can also integrate it to your website or use it in a stand-alone mode as your website.
RealtorSmile is a state-of-the-art product that takes care of your every need, and makes real estate management organized, fast and technologically suited. After several years of experience in management consulting and software development, RealtorSmile has come up with this amazing tool for companies and individuals who deal in real estate on a regular basis.

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